DNA CRM | Features
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Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Contact management all in one place

DNA is an easy to use tool for business organizations helping them in the management of their contacts, partners, vendors, suppliers and other organizational departments. By keeping a 360-degree view of your contacts, you stay up to date with the current status of the contacts, their email history and any important event or task linked to them.


Lead Management

Leads play a vital role in sales process and generating stronger sales revenues. DNA helps you in managing your leads for better future prospects. Lead is created when you see a potential who might be interested in doing business with you, but haven’t been approached yet and acquired. You can collect leads from variety of sources and generate them in DNA’s Leads Management.

Manage projects effectively

DNA CRM’s project management tool lets business organizations boast their projects with efficient and effective management systems. With this particular tool, you can manage your workflows, daily duties linked to it, assign teams and monitor them as the project advances. Contact, emails, tasks, etc. can all be linked and thus an automated project report can be generated to view the overall progress of the project status.

Sales/Opportunities Pipeline

Control your Sales process. Use DNA CRM to manage the potential opportunities in the sales pipe. With opportunities created, the value of the business can be defined while associating different activities with the account, keeping track of the status, forecasting the sales and probability of whether the opportunity can be won or not. Pipeline reports clearly show the strength and weaknesses of the sales process. Make clear decisions on which activities are needed to close the deals consistently.



View your business any way you like with DNA CRM’s automated report generating tool. With customized options, you can make tabular reports and organize activities accordingly. With filter options, it is easy to narrow down to activities needed to be viewed. Graphs can also be generated for a comprehensive view of overall activities in a single chart. The data can be exported to Excel as well to keep spread sheets updated.



Calendar and Tasks

Get yourself organized with tasks and events while creating and integrating meetings, appointments, calls, deadlines and all activities in your daily business schedule. See what’s coming up, share with coworkers and see who’s appointed with what task. DNA calendar insights display the events and tasks that are due and share with other members using the application. Task reminder keeps you notified for the timing of meeting or deadline of a project or any other activity which you link to it.

Product Management

DNA provides product management module within its CRM application. Adding, copying and removing products while integrating with opportunities can’t get easier now. Product management provides several technical analysis tools for detailed service analysis. It allows you to create the products and their measurable properties which a company is selling. This may include the production chronologies, size and weight, product version, and other features helping the company learn more about the product at one place.


Manage Your Marketing Campaigns

Create your Campaign records and keep yourself organized for short term marketing projects. With campaign records, you can keep related activities tracked, such as phone calls, emails, other distributed tasks. Planning activities can also be added to a campaign. DNA Campaign Management is designed for you to see even the Return on Investment for every campaign you enter. Track the campaign spend and response to know the effectiveness of your marketing tactics.


Quotation And Invoicing

DNA streamlines the process of sales proposal with the Quotations creations options. Generate quotation invoices from contacts, accounts or opportunities quickly and easily through the integrated user interface with an option to export them in PDF or Word as per user’s requirement. The quote management system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of clients who need it according to their accounting applications.


Customization at all Levels

Our DNA team offers customized fields to be added based on our client’s demands. Users can collect information relevant to their products, services and equipment. With DNA customization, you can fit in specific fields and even add/change colors in order to match your brand. Eventually, we offer options for tailored ERP Solutions based with our CRM application in accordance with client company’s requirements easing their operation systems in all aspects of their business.