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Our customers include a wide range of industries including small to large organizations as listed here.


Distribution and Manufacturing

With globalization, trade boundaries are gradually being removed while more and more businesses are expanding their operations to international territories. Challenges of manufacturing industry have also become more complex they now have to deal with multiple vendors, partners, customers and distributors with different demands. With DNA’s customized tools, order placement management is made easier and efficient for users to electronically create and exchange documents, task, inventory information while sharing the activities with teams and shareholders at the same time. Even for distribution and wholesale management, DNA has the ability to handle numerous accounts and sales areas by setting up lead assessment tasks, quotations, invoice management, stock updating, inventory management, discounts, promotions, and sales forecasts with taxes shown at the same time. But it is not only limited to sales automation; support functions for after sales activities are also provided thus providing a full supply chain cycle scope.


In recent times, the healthcare industry has utmost need for automated business solutions in order to have efficient management results. DNA CRM offers customized automated application to make the process quick and efficient. The company is working everyday with the commitment of improving the provision of competent business solutions to healthcare sector. DNA works with the highly advanced and world’s leading medical equipment manufacturers and dealers. With the foremost electronics and health care systems we collaborate and support a number of independent firms and the contract manufactures to offer their services. We are working in association with stakeholders to ensure provision of quality medicines that cater each age group. The goal of DNA is to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable. The great emphasis of the company is on the quality, proficiency and timely management. Keeping in mind the significance of health, we are proud to be associated with the business of improvising health standards.



We understand that electronic sector is facing challenge of increasing profitability and real time support to their customers. With the increase in globalization, the trade boundaries are being replaced by more business thus expanding business across the globe. Though the tasks for electronic industry are increased and becoming more complex day by day due to multiple vendors, partners, customers and the competition in the market. The electronic demands vary for different distributers. In DNA CRM, order placement and distribution has become much easier than ever before. For distribution and wholesales management in electronic sector, DNA has the ability to handle multiple accounts and sales area by setting lead management, inventory management, invoice management etc. Through our application customization, you can offer and access all sort of most preferred electronics including mobile phones, laptops etc. and distribute them successfully across international territories.


In retail industry, having an automated CRM is as important as breathing air to live. DNA CRM provides retailers with customer information leverage functionality through data collection from marketing campaigns, E-commerce and major Point of Sales. DNA provides its users with the capability to acquire and analyze critical data linked to those customers. This way, they can improve their engagement with customers and build stronger relations with them. The result can be evident then; in increased customer loyalty. With DNA, marketing campaigns are made effective with efficient allocation of digital assets, making the customer lists in order and targeting them through specific digital trafficking.
DNA provides customization for inventory management to its clients as well where stocks, prices, promotions and discounts can be managed. Our CRM’s integration with E-commerce tools, VOIP and other such communication applications makes the process of sales seamless and agile. Details of delivery service providers, management of shipping address and keeping a track are some key feature of the DNA CRM which empowers your retail business.



Technology is eminent and deepening its roots in all sorts of industries including Leasing services. With easy data entry and automated contact and activity management, DNA CRM allows you to produce real time data of resident services; thus providing an end-to-end leasing and customer relationship management. You can access contacts, leads, leases, property and resident’s data all in a single application while integrating with your consultant team at the same time. Control all your leasing projects with transparent management system making your office activities visible to you from anywhere. From initial contact to executing the leads, to overall leasing cycle can be monitored through our customized system offering.


Media and Entertainment agencies are always under pressure of providing standardized processes for handling estimates and proposals, effective utilization of resources and run time feedback on various tasks. DNA CRM Sales caters these needs by offering, opportunity management and forecasting, client database with social media insight, nurturing opportunity through various stage, forecasting sales, split commissions calculations an above all customized approval workflows for accounts and opportunities.
DNA provides a consolidated solution for digital media agencies that supports a multi-level account hierarchy structure to maintain and manage advertiser/ agency relationships and create opportunities and proposals which can be converted into orders, and to an ad server or traffic system for order scheduling, providing a common data flow across all systems involved in the processing of a media contract. Seven Hives is one comprehensive solution to run customer oriented and agile agency.



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